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Joel Alme – If You Got Somebody Waiting

Monday, January 31st, 2011

We featured the Swedish singer Joel Alme back in September 2008. Here’s another video from the said singer entitled If You Got Somebody Waiting.

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Sofi Bonde – Win Someday

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Sofi Bonde is a Swedish actress, songwriter, and singer. Fans can check out her official website for more information and updates.

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Jenny Beck – Hide Away

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Jenny Beck is a Swedish singer-songwriter. Her music is a mix of pop, rock, acoustic, country, and everything else in between.

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The Sounds – Living in America

Monday, January 10th, 2011

The Sounds are a Swedish new wave band. The band was formed in 1999 and its members are:

  • Maja Ivarsson
  • Felix Rodriguez
  • Johan Bengtsson
  • Jesper Anderberg
  • Fredrik Nilsson
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